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The Western States Regional Council of Carpenters represents nearly 90,000 members in Southern California, Nevada, Arizona, Utah, New Mexico, Colorado, Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana, Alaska, and Wyoming. We work with developers and elected leaders to raise the standard of building and living for all workers.


Better Careers

Becoming a member of our nearly 90,000 strong Brotherhood gives you a brighter future with Union jobs, Union wages, and Union benefits. All things that keep your life moving forward.

Better Communities

Union members bring the skill and dedication to build stronger communities, driving economic growth and security across the Western States Region.

Better Cities

Better training means our members bring greater skills to every project. That equals long-term value. We remain committed to finishing projects on time and staying within budget.

When I drive by other jobs, I mean, that I’ve had a part in, it drives my fiancé nuts, but ‘I built that, I built this, I built that’. It’s just cool to be a part of those staples, especially those big, monumental buildings.

Local 59 – Spokane, WA

You go through the apprenticeship program, you’ll win. You’ll be able to provide for your family. You’ll be able to live a life. And live a good life.

Local 801 - Salt Lake City, UT

I have greater peace of mind. If anything were to happen with my health I know that I’m covered. I don’t have to pay out of pocket.

Local 951 - Riverside, CA

Meet Our Members

Being part of our Brotherhood and Sisterhood creates a better future for all of us.

Build Your Future.